Consan: pairwise structural RNA alignment


Pairwise RNA structural alignment, both unconstrained and constrained on alignment pins.

Source Code:

The Consan package contains source and minimal compile instructions. Consan was written in ANSI C and tested on Mandrake Linux.


This is the Consan code only package (without datasets) as a single gzip'ed tar ball (692 KB).


This is the complete Consan package (with datasets, described below) as a single gzip'ed tar ball (1.9 MB).

Version History

v1.0 Initial version.

v1.1 Improved documentation.

v1.2 Fixed bug which caused problems with long path names to dpswalign.



Dowell, RD and Eddy, SR. Efficient pairwise RNA structure prediction and alignment using sequence alignment constraints. BMC Bioinformatics 2006, 7:400 .

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Robin Dowell


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